From world class mine to world class upstream and downstream primary energy company.


Expert in skill, proficient in capability, while maintaining high degree of integrity and discipline in managing our assets.

In recruiting process our motto is : “Come from different places as a team to be moulded to become cohesive family.” Kutai Energi is always looking for talented and motivated profesionals to join our awesome team. Augmentation effort to enhance our capability is always ongoing process, entry process test are always held twice a month to spot new potential talents.

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Parameter Basis Typical
Total Moisture (Arb) 18%
Inherent Moisture (Adb) 11%
Ash Content (Adb) 8%
Volatile Matter (Adb) 42
Fixed Carbon (Adb) By difference
Total Sulphur (Adb) 2.5%
Gross Calorific Value (Arb) 5900 Kcal/kg
HGI 47
Size 0 – 50 mm 90% min